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Vibration Diagnosis:

zMost often excess vibration is caused by mass imbalance in the propeller and/or spinner and this can usually be reduced to a very low level by our technician during dynamic balancing.

The improvement is often dramatic, resulting in a smoooth airplane!

However a variety of other engine mechanical problems can sometimes contribute to the overall vibration.
These include:


yPropeller out of track.
yCrankshaft unbalance.
yBearing problems.
yLoose or worn components in the engine.
yDefective crankshaft counterweights.
yLoose or worn components in the propeller hub.
Engine mounts defective.

If they exist these usually show up  when we perform a Vibration Spectrum Analysis of your engine/propeller configuration. The result of a mechanical problem like those in the table above is always the same; it just won't balance beyond a certain point, however even then a significant improvement can still usually be made in the overall vibration.  

We supply you with a copy of the vibration spectrum chart and printed reports  and will analyze the results for you. 

We go beyond just balancing your prop - using an incredibly sensitive analyzer and using 2 sensors - at both front and rear of your engine allows us to accurately display and pinpoint other most causes of vibration in your engine installation.  It's also sometimes magnified by worn or hardened engine mounts or contact between the engine and the cowlings. It is a very valuable additional service for no extra cost! It's one reason we pride ourselves on being the best in the business!

Most of the vibration we find is caused by an unbalanced propeller or spinner and can be corrected by adding small compensating weights (balancing). Even if the vibration is quite severe. These weights weigh only a few grams but can make a big difference. 

But won't having my propeller dynamically balanced hide or mask other engine problems?

Not at all - an engine with an internal problem causing unusual vibration will not respond to dynamic balancing in the same way as a healthy one. Once the prop/spinner assembly is correctly balanced, any remaining imbalance above normal is easier to identify. 

Our Spectrum Analysis Reports are extramely useful in helping track down an internal engine fault. Keeping them on file allows you to track changing condition in your engine over time.

Up About Vibration Dynamic Balancing Vibration Diagnosis Booking/Calendar 


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