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Welcome to the home of Precision Propeller Balancing !

This is where you can find the most precise, accurate analysis and balancing of your propeller/powerplant combination. We're a mobile service and will travel to your airport or to an airport conveniently nearby. 
We're fully insured to work at any airport in the USA.
perform dual-acccelerometer balancing - we eliminate virtually all engine and propeller vibration!
Virtually all the other prop balancing companies all do a single-accelerometer measurement only, which provides only a partial elimination of vibration - they're only looking at the front of your engine.

Read on and find out why we're the best in the business!

Think your airplane is smooth?   Think again !!

You probably have at least .4 ips of vibration occurring !
- that's over 40lbs of oscillating force at the front crank bearing! - Like a jackhammer
Amazingly, most have even more vibration!  (Yet it often 'feels smooth' to the pilot)
You probably didn't notice it - that's because you're simply used to it.
-Pilots will grow accustomed to almost any vibration over time.
What's Causing it? - mostly prop/spinner imbalance.
The spinning prop has a resonant frequency and the engine has a different frequency - the spinner and backplate are often out of balance too.

Even if you installed a brand-new, statically-balanced prop !
(A new prop is balanced on a bubble scale, not spin-balanced - there's a huge difference !) Static balancing ignores the spinner, hub and crankshaft, where most imbalance occurs.

Even if you've already had it dynamically balanced elsewhere !
(Most others do a single-sensor balance and we've often found the results to be way off! When they get a low reading at the front, it very often results in a much higher imbalance at the back of the engine, where their sensor doesn't see it!) We always measure at both ends of your engine, and can really get results!

When we Dynamically balance your prop you'll feel a BIG improvement ! 
We can completely eliminate vibration in 4 out of 5 cases, or vastly reduce it.

Improve cabin comfort - reduce repair costs - increase power output - improve safety
It takes about 2 hours and we don't need to remove the prop.
COST: $299 (single engine)  or $259 for experimentals 

Please note:
Most other balancing companies only use a single accelerometer to take readings, so they can't read and compensate for vibration occurring at the rear of the engine, can't sense the engine accessories, can't provide you with a proper and full vibration analysis either! They're simply doing what's known as single-plane balancing. If you see them using 'a second sensor', it's simply the tachometer - that sees the prop blades go by - it's not a second vibration sensor..
.. and yet they're charging as much or more than we do for our much more complete and accurate work. Also we often come to your own airport at no additional charge.

Our dynamic balancing usually takes close to 2 hours to complete and is extremely thorough - it's going to completely eliminate all the engine-related vibration that you feel in the aircraft - simple as that. We are renowned throughout California for our oustanding results.

So never pay more than $100 for a single-accelerometer balancing. .especially if they're using the old Chadwick box, where they're standing out in front with a strobe, but also even for modern equipment - if it doesn't balance using readings from two accelerometers then paying more than $100 for the job is simply paying too much.

Multi-plane Dynamic Propeller Balancing - it's not snake oil - it will do wonders for your airplane!!

Call (831) 331-3660 or email for an appointment.

You'll see why we're the best in the business!

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