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Dynamic Propeller Balancing 
Key Benefits:

yAirframe / engine damage
yAvionics damage
yPilot fatigue 
Economy of operation
yService life of airframe and components

It's the fastest, cheapest way to get a better-running airplane! 

Do it to get the best out of your aircraft - do it before you sell to get the best price!


Dynamic Propeller Balancing 
What is it?

Dynamic propeller balancing is a procedure  where a digital vibration analyzer is used to measure the vibration produced by the aircraft powerplant and propeller assembly and identify the source(s). 

Small trim balance weights are then added to the propeller spinner or flywheel to correct for imbalance and reduce the measured vibration to the lowest level practical. On average, 4 out of 5 fixed-wing aircraft can benefit from Dynamic Prop Balancing. 

"But my aircraft runs fine. Why should I have the propeller balanced?"

Your aircraft's vibration level may be better or worse than the average but it's best to know for sure and fix it if it is. 4 out of 5 aircraft tested are experiencing high levels of vibration which can be quickly diagnosed and eliminated or reduced to safe levels. 

When your prop shop statically balances your prop you should follow up with a dynamic balance ON THE AIRCRAFT. - and we're about the ONLY company that's doing it properly - using TWO sensors.

We've found that if you only sense at the front and balance it down to zero, you often have vastly increased the vibration at the back and you can't tell unless you're sensing there too!  Most shops and prop balancing outfits have old equipment and a single sensor and are entirely unaware of this limitation!

The following pictures show typical balancing installations. You can see the 3 sensors. (the third one measures propeller position).

See the three sensors? The middle one is a tach sensor, that is tracking a piece of special reflective tape on the back of one blade of the propeller. The other two are accelerometers, which simultaneously sense the vibration at the front and the rear of the engine.


Up About Vibration Dynamic Balancing Vibration Diagnosis Booking/Calendar



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