Up Spectrum Analysis Reports

Vibration Spectrum Analysis:

A general aviation aircraft is normally flown with a propeller speed of somewhere around 2,300 rpm. This rpm is is not conducted or sensed well by the human body. Normally, by the time a pilot can start to feel or notice the effect of an excessive vibration at this rpm, the damage has long since started to take its toll on the engine and airframe. The side effects of a high frequency vibration are often a "buzz" in the pedals or yoke or other components. The industry standard for an acceptable level of vibration is .2 IPS (point 2) (Inches Per Second). 

Digital balancers and analyzers have refined the balancing procedure to the point that most propellers can be balanced down to levels far below .1 (point 1) IPS. We use the very latest computerized vibration analyzer and a factory-trained technician to provide the very best analysis of your aircraft. The resulting reports show you clearly how much vibration exists during cruise flight and the likely causes of any remaining vibration.


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