Welcome to the home of Precision Industrial Balancing !
We earned our good reputation balancing aircraft engines and propellers, where accuracy is vital.

This is where you can find the most precise, accurate analysis and balancing of your industrial equipment. 

We're a mobile service and will travel to your facility. We generally fly in to a small airport not far from your plant, using our small company aircraft and have you pick us up there. Alternatively, we'll hire a car to get from there to your plant. Sometimes we'll stay at a hotel nearby and return the next day to continue, if you have multiple pieces of equipment that need balancing.

Read on and find out why we're the best in the business!

We balance fans, motors, rotors, centrifuges, wheels, hammer mills, shredders, chipping machines, conveyor drivers, idle rollers, pumps - and hundreds more types of rotating items 

If it rotates and there's somewhere to add weights, or weld on a weight, then we'll make it run smoothly.

Not only large items - we can also completely balance small, sensitive pieces of equipment: small rotors, flow-tables, flywheels, lab and manufacturing equipment etc.

If you have vibration occurring then it's costing you in lost efficiency.
There is often a combination of rotor imbalances.
Spinning rotors, fans etc are often far out of balance. You'll be amazed at how little weight it can often take to correct it, even if it's a rotor weighing tons. Bearings experience much higher stress, other equipment is affected too. Operator discomfort is another important factor that can cost you.

Even if you installed a brand-new piece of equipment, it can be far out of balance!
(Often the item was balanced on a bubble scale, not spin-balanced - there's a huge difference !) 
That's called Static balancing and it ignores the combination of items, affecting each other, where most vibration problems occur.

Even if you've already had it dynamically balanced before !
(Most others do a single-sensor balance and we've often found the results to be way off! Even when they get a low reading at the end of the shat, where their sensor is, it very often results in a much higher imbalance at the other end of the rotor shat, where their sensor doesn't see it!) Our equipment always measures at both ends of the rotating shaft simultaneously, gives us a solution weight and location that can really get results!

When we Dynamically balance your industrial equipment you'll feel a BIG improvement ! 
We can completely eliminate vibration in 8 out of 10 cases, or vastly reduce it.

Improve operator comfort - reduce repair costs - increase power output - improve safety
Most pieces of equipment take about 2 hours to balance out completely.
Typical cost: $350-$450 per item or machine balanced.
Dynamic Balancing - it's how you can reduce operator fatigue and maintenance costs.

Call (831) 331-3660 or email for an appointment.

You'll see why we're the best in the business!

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