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Jeremy MacDonald - a brief history:
Jeremy joined the RAF (Royal Air Force) in England in January 1968 and was trained for 2 years at the No1 School of Technical Training, RAF Halton, as an aircraft Electrical and Instrument Technician. From 1970 he worked in that capacity on the UK's famous 'V-bomber' aircraft, the Victor and the Vulcan, with occasional work on the Hawker Hunter and the Canberra. His RAF term ended in November 1974. Jeremy emigrated to Canada right afterward and was employed by Pacific Western Airlines in Vancouver, maintaining Boeing 707, 727 and 737 aircraft.

He left aviation in 1977 and entered the computer industry as an electronics technician and worked at Sperry Univac, Digital Equipment Corp and Texas Instruments. Following that he was employed as an Electronics Design Engineer, designing digital weighing and process controllers, using various microprocessor chipsets..

Jeremy excels at digital electronics design and started MacDonald Digital Inc. in Vancouver in 1982, a successful communications interfacing company, with many thousands of customers in Canada and the USA. Jeremy arrived in California in 1988 and has continued to produce innovative software and hardware products ever since, operating SPX Communications Inc. since 1989.

Jeremy returned to his aviation roots in 2004, putting his extensive technical expertise to good use, flying out to airports throughout central California for 14 years and performing precise vibration diagnosis and dynamic balancing on many different types of aircraft. Now he is concentrating on the new generation of VTOL aircraft.




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