Precision machine balancing, vibration analysis and resolution for motors, rotors, UAVs, drones, experimental aircraft, electric vehicles, large and small, in both civilian and military applications.

We always correctly diagnose all of the vibration occurring

Vibration is often tricky to diagnose and cure because it is usually being generated by more than one issue. However we have a great reputation for correcly identifying and correcting it, even in the most exacting of environments.

Whether the culprit is mass imbalance, aerodynamic disturbances, bearing issues, manufacturing flaws or a combination, we always diagnose it accurately.

We deliver an immediate solution

We can solve mass imbalance right there, on-the-spot at your facility.

We identify any other vibration and offer workable solutions

We also clearly identify and reveal any other causes of vibration beyond mass imbalance and can provide valuable feedback to your engineers in order to solve it permanently.

Experience second to none

Our hands-on technical and design experience spans over 50 years. We've worked with a huge variety of electronics and machines, including a very wide range of aircraft from cold-war era military jet aircraft through modern airliners, general aviation (GA) propeller-driven aircraft and the latest electric VTOL designs

We've successfuly dynamically-balanced over 700 aircraft of very diverse types. We've also balanced a great many very small and lightweight rotating systems of many types.

We've provided immediate and game-changing solutions for a wide variety of machines and vehicles - surveillance drones, aircraft, rotors of all types and sizes.

A wide-spectrum background

Having electronics and software design experience spanning over 40 years has given us diagnostic and problem-solving skills far beyond mere vibration analysis. In order to successfully solve vibration issues occuring in sophisticated vehicles and machines it is essential to be able to understand the equipment and materials being used, their physical characteristics and their behavior during full-power runs of the machine.

Proprietary, custom-tailored solutions

We design and build our own proprietary analyzers, balancing equipment and software and we always customize it for the specific requirements of your assemblies. We always precisely tailor it to your unique situation, rather than having to work around the limitations of commercially available, general-purpose balancing equipment.

Delivering game-changing solutions

Over many years we've seen virtually all the different situations that can cause unwanted vibration in machines, power units, propellers and, very importantly, have always been able to provide immediate solutions for them.
This has allowed our clients to advance to successful completion of the design validation phase of their vehicle prototypes. Often vibration had completely stopped their progress until we were brought in to solve it.

Challenging situations

Some equipment has to remain in mass balance throughout an extremely wide range of rotational speeds. For example, the multiple propulsion motors on a vertical takeoff aircraft, as it hovers and transitions to and from forward flight.
Those motors usually have no shock mounts. They are hard-mounted directly onto a carbon fiber or aluminum airframe. This means that if there is any vibration at all in the motor then it transmits throughout the airframe un-attenuated. Having an extremely wide range of operational RPM means that everything - every piece of equipment bolted to that airframe will go into resonance at some RPM in that range and its operational life will drop to a very low number of hours as a result.

Consider multiple additional powerplants bolted onto the airframe, all varying wildy in terms of rpm relative to each other and the result is a cacophany of vibration sine waves exacting an enormous cost to the development program in terms of rapid wear and tear on expensive equipment. Optical and sensing systems fail to achieve clarity, metal fatigue occurs in control and other systems. All this is a result of unchecked vibration.
Quite often, as a result, the aircraft fails to meet its design objectives and goes back to the drawing board. That comes at an enormous cost. So curing vibration is vital to the project's success.

We can solve those issues much earlier on in the development stage and we have a great track record of doing exactly that. We have an impressive line-up of satisfied customers, whose fortunes were completely changed as a result of bringing us to their facility.

You can waste weeks or months trying to discover the causes and the cure for vibration or you can call us to come and cure it for you.

When we arrive the first time on-site we usually have our sensor package tailored to your machine already, so we can go straight to the task of measurement and diagnosis.

How long does it take to dynamically balance an assembly?

It typically takes a few hours for setup and to dynamically balance the first assembly. After that process we'll measure and detect any other vibration that's present. We will most certainly pinpoint the precise causes of any and all vibration occurring and give you reliable and valuable feedback to help you to optimize your product.

That initial visit always gives a real boost to your project.


The bottom line:

We can completely eliminate vibration in most cases, allowing you to deliver your project on time and on budget.


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